ENOUGH IS ENOUGH The low representation of women in the Senate, House of Representatives and House of Assembly have made women more vulnerable. When we have active and more women in politics, our voices would be heard. The Women Reform Organization is calling on the general public to join our peaceful national walk against Sexual …


Research & Development

We are also committed to finding lasting solutions to issues that impact negatively on women’s development in our society. The Research and Development Center is created to develop, through research, a blueprint on how to liberate African women from the yoke of poverty, deprivation, and how to empower them socially, educationally, and economically.

Safe House

It is important to save and protect our women and girls from being raped or murdered. Safe House is a place where distressed and battered women and girls would be accommodated temporarily. We have cases where husbands kick out their wives in the middle of the night, thus, without shelters, these women become vulnerable to …

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Women Breakfast and Business Networking

The sole aim of this campaign is to bring professional women together for a discussion on how to revamp their inherent potentials, skills, and natural abilities in all fields of human endeavors. This dialogue will capture essential issues aimed at improving women’s livelihood. Some of the issues for discussion include; Start-up business, Health Care, Psychiatric, …

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Annual Conference

The proposed annual conference will have in attendance Notable Speakers that will create a conducive business atmosphere for networking among the invited African Women Entrepreneurs, Successful Business Women, Academics, Government officials, Professionals, Administrators, Policy and Decision Makers, Industry Representatives and Students. The conference would be packed with activities such as the Presentation of Funds to …

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Financial Support for Female Entrepreneurs

Our research has shown that there are millions of Female Entrepreneurs in Africa with brilliant and excellent business ideas but faced with lack of required funds to either kick-start or expand their businesses. However, we have, as an organization, deviced solutions through Empowerment Funds for Female Entrepreneurs (EFFE), where women will have direct access to …

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Skill Acquisition: – Training & Mentorship

We are also very passionate about Capacity Building, Human Development and Mentoring for African women with the sole objective of equipping them with relevant Vocational Skills training and acquisition that cut across all areas of human endeavour. The program is designed to provide the required training for women in technical related fields outside their professions …

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