About The Book:

Fear, terror, shocked, all dripping with the sweat that sprouted on my forehead. The chill of the knife he places on my neck burns into my throat.
He yelled, “Would you accept or not?”

“Please uncle, let me go!”

“You’ll go, but here is our secret!”

“My mom used to tell me “there is no secret between an adult and a child”. So, if someone touches me inappropriately, I should tell someone else to break the shackles of the abuse”

“Tell it! And it shall be your last talk” He speaks out.

This is the ordeal of a young girl, who was raped by her uncle and cousins and molested several times. The sad story is, that when she told her parents, they did not believe her.

She was living fear and dying slowly until she met our founder H. E Obafemi Richard Jegede who persuaded her to speak out.

We are going to be releasing her video for Nigerians and global communities to watch and listen to her true-life story of how she was raped several times.

We are calling on the public/sponsors to kindly support the book launch with resources such as venue, the printing of 5000 books, refreshments, money etc.

Together we can end gender and sexual-based abuse and make our communities abuse free for women and girls.

To sponsor /partner or support kindly contact Women Reform Organization at [email protected] or +234 (0) 903 236 0428.

Aisha Kallari needs all of us.

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